Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

-Coco Chanel X

27 February 2011

today has been a fail..

Well today as been a huge fail!
I went to Example yesterday, for my birthday, then after had a sleepover at my house:}
obviously didn't get to sleep until very late.. and woke up at 9 FML
so yeah.. last Sunday of the half term and typical me, left all my homework for today, BIG MISTAKE! Pretty much my day has consisted of:
1: American pancakes(YUM!)
2: Tidied up :(
3: Got ready
4: Started my homework
5: Got distracted by facebook
6: Had a LUSH Sunday's dinner
7: Attempted homework again
8: Failed again...
and its now 11pm and i still haven't finished my homework but stuff it, im going to bed! 

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