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-Coco Chanel X

10 February 2011

It's went past a obsession..

Well come on.. EVERYBODY likes BarryM nail paints, and i just happen to have a small collection- well 20. They apply so well and so pigmented! I have to say, BarryM nail paints are my favourite! 

273Raspberry  161Vivid Purple  284Emerald Green  292Navy

 150Red Glitter  297Blue Glitter
304Mint Green  305Pink Flamingo  307Pale Yellow  306Blueberry L/C 308Berry L/C 310Mushroom

279Bright Pink  295Turquoise  296Coral

This is actually called Nail Effects(311) 

I made this Teal Metallic colour on the right, It is so simple to do! All you have to do is but a BarryM Clear nail paint shown on the left and a MAC pigment shown in the middle, I used MAC pigment Teal. To help keep your nail paint add a tiny bit of nail varnish remover, and just give the bottle a shake! TADA!

This is the limited edition nail paint by boots (30)

My last to nail paint but definitely not the least fav! the basics that everybody needs.
47Black and 54 3IN1 Clear

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