Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

-Coco Chanel X

28 February 2011

March Must Haves!!

Skull-print silk-chiffon scarf- Alexander McQueen: £140

 Apricot crochet crop top- TOPSHOP:£26

Ring- H&M: £3.99

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum 40ml- Boots: £39.00

TIM SLASH TEE- French connection: £25

High-waist flared suede shorts- Mango: £34.90(SALE)

Wonder Woman Lipstick Marquise d’- MAC: £/

27 February 2011

example 26th feb 11'

quick post about the gig i went to see yesturday, AMAZING! that is all.
 i actually adore my tights <3 
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Topshop
Oh god everything i'm wearing is Topshop including rings... 

today has been a fail..

Well today as been a huge fail!
I went to Example yesterday, for my birthday, then after had a sleepover at my house:}
obviously didn't get to sleep until very late.. and woke up at 9 FML
so yeah.. last Sunday of the half term and typical me, left all my homework for today, BIG MISTAKE! Pretty much my day has consisted of:
1: American pancakes(YUM!)
2: Tidied up :(
3: Got ready
4: Started my homework
5: Got distracted by facebook
6: Had a LUSH Sunday's dinner
7: Attempted homework again
8: Failed again...
and its now 11pm and i still haven't finished my homework but stuff it, im going to bed! 

25 February 2011


 So today i went to York on the train, shopping, for my 15th birthday! 

 Finally got my BubbleGum lip scrub from lush, which happened to be appearing on my march must haves which i will have to change now!
Frog Prince

sex bomb ballistic

magic mushroom (LOL)

Sweet soap of mine; pack of two soaps!

YEY! finally got a starbucks Mug!

Water bottle for the gym, and a pen:}

Sweater in Pink (jack wills)

Keep Calm and Carry On notebook



Floaty waisted skirt

plain tee

So i got the train at about 9 this morning and got to York by 10 which wasn't to bad! I took £125 which was some of my birthday money of people, and i can back with £20, Woops!:}

OOTD Birthday shopping; York

Navy jumper; Topshop sale
White dress, worn as skirt; Topshop
Silver perl earings; Topshop
Navy tights; Primark 

24 February 2011


Can just see the sun setting through the trees;
pink sky at night, shepherds delight! 

The sky was too nice for words!

it just kept changing colours, i couldn't not show you's!



i adore this ring! Just got it yesturday and i thought i would let you know; tehe.
ring: topshop
nails: Barry M 292 Navy


It's my birthday tomorrow!
15 at last(:
Sarah X

OOTD Wednesday shopping..

Coat: Jack Wills
Dress: Topshop
Tights: New Look
Nails: Barry M 296 Coral
On feet i had my Boots; Topshop


I just got back from sicily (17th-21st) So sorry for not blogging in so long!
hehe, painted my nails the Italian flag :}
In heathrow airport i bought the Cyndi Lauper Mac lipstick for £10!!!! BARGIN.

13 February 2011

I love my new jacket!

Lining <3

Fabulously British- 'Made in China' -_-

I recently purchased the Jack Wills Redburn Quilted Jacket, and I've fallen in love!

10 February 2011

It's went past a obsession..

Well come on.. EVERYBODY likes BarryM nail paints, and i just happen to have a small collection- well 20. They apply so well and so pigmented! I have to say, BarryM nail paints are my favourite! 

273Raspberry  161Vivid Purple  284Emerald Green  292Navy

 150Red Glitter  297Blue Glitter
304Mint Green  305Pink Flamingo  307Pale Yellow  306Blueberry L/C 308Berry L/C 310Mushroom

279Bright Pink  295Turquoise  296Coral

This is actually called Nail Effects(311) 

I made this Teal Metallic colour on the right, It is so simple to do! All you have to do is but a BarryM Clear nail paint shown on the left and a MAC pigment shown in the middle, I used MAC pigment Teal. To help keep your nail paint add a tiny bit of nail varnish remover, and just give the bottle a shake! TADA!

This is the limited edition nail paint by boots (30)

My last to nail paint but definitely not the least fav! the basics that everybody needs.
47Black and 54 3IN1 Clear